JRZE-162 The return of Reina Nagano

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    Reina Nagano is 36 years old this year. One's mother has been married for seven years. After giving birth, she became a full-time housewife and lived a happy life but recently, she suddenly felt lonely. My husband is a working man, and when he comes home he always just sleeps. If you pay attention, the couple's work happens every few months. In that situation, the days of struggling with taking care of her child alone made Reina increasingly crave unfaithful actions. I wanted to forget about being a mother even for a moment and immerse myself in joy. It's been about a year since I've been waiting for an opportunity with this feeling in my heart. It becomes the long-awaited appearance at a time when the husband goes on a business trip. "Craving time to flirt" We invite you to watch the moment the wife who missed human skin and stick meat rediscovered the joy of being a woman.