KBI-031 The young widow and her former colleague

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    Mike is a black lecturer and is currently working in Japan. He accidentally met his friend and former secret crush - Honoka during a trip to work. After talking for a while, he learned that her husband, also his former best friend, had just passed away in an accident last month. Mike asked permission to visit the house with the reason of lighting an incense stick for his deceased friend to show his condolences. Here, the two began to recall memories of when they worked together among three close friends, especially the unforgettable feelings that Mike once had for her. Too emotional, while her emotions overwhelmed her reason, she was unable to control herself and gave Mike hope by having sex with him. It seemed like happiness had come to the two of them until one day she felt sorry for her late husband and decided to end her relationship with Mike after he proposed. It was not easy to accept this, so before breaking up, he decided to rape her one last time.